Affordable Blog You Control


Affordable Blog You Control: buy a blog; get free hosting and access to video tutorials. Modify and run your blog yourself. No tech skills required.

A blog is perfect for either business or personal use. A blog can be free-standing, it can be a substitute for a Website and yes, it could be an addition to an existing Website you don’t control. (Many Website owners who want the liberty of updating their own Websites have a “news” link added to them which connects the Website to a blog, the owner runs him or herself.) Better yet, a blog is interactive: it engages its visitors and attracts subscribers. Blogging produces dividends for all types of businesses as well as individuals comfortable with writing. A blog can be a source of income in its own right (i.e. from Google’s AdWords.)

When you own and control a blog, no one has control over your work, subscribers or income, but YOU; no one will be able to exploit you financially; you won’t be beholden to anyone’s policy or mood; unlike with sophisticated blogging software: you won’t be responsible for mastering technical challenges.

Among the benefits of an affordable Own And Control blog are:

  • 100% OWNERSHIP
  • UNLIMITED Posts and Pages
  • 1 Year of FREE Hosting
  • One-Time Fee
  • NO Hidden Fees
  • Promotion 24/7
  • NO post and page LIMITS
  • NO need for a WEBMASTER
  • Ability to add, modify and delete content, pictures and videos yourself

Features of an Own And Control blog:

  • Works on ALL devices (PCs, tablets, cell phones, etc.)
  • Unlimited posts and pages
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Social Media integration (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Automatic xml Sitemap creation AND submission to search engines
  • Automatic Site feed creation

You’ll have an elegant, responsive and versatile blog with a power-packed set of features, semantic HTML5-based markup, CSS3 and jQuery. It supports customizable drop-down menus and lots of enhanced widgets for Twitter, Flickr, Google+, etc.! And yes, it’s very affordable!

We’ll provide:

  • Blog Installation (based on WordPress)
  • Website’s Administration (to manage everything)
  • One year of FREE hosting
  • Access to step-by-step video tutorials that show how to:

– Add Your Blog’s title and description
– Change the Blog’s Name, Color Scheme and / or Background Color
– Insert Pictures and Videos
– Add Pages and Posts (Modify and Delete easily!)
– Build Menus
– Add Widgets
– and more

View the demo: you’ll be getting what’s shown in this demo: a fully-functional, high end Blog. (It will obviously have no content.) The video tutorials will show you how to run the blog. If you’re able to watch a video, you’ll be able to personalize, modify and grow the Blog YOURSELF!

Click on the picture to view the demo.

Click on the picture to view the demo.

Affordable Blog You Control $250 (one-time fee, includes one year of FREE hosting)


Be sure to read our Terms before making a purchase.

Place your order. We’ll ask for your domain name’s information in our first e-mail, once you provide the needed info we’ll do the rest.

Within 48 hours you’ll have a blog that you own AND control.

Questions? Ask!