Own And Control


Whether you had your Website designed by a professional, got a “free” Website Online, or are paying a monthly fee to have a Website, you had to settle. You had to surrender something: with a Web designer, you gave up direct access and control; with the less costly solutions, you sacrificed your security and ownership rights.

I feel safe betting that you’re not perfectly satisfied. Why? As consumers we assume that once we purchase something we own and control it.
You buy a car, you own it; while driving it you control it; when it needs service, you’re responsible for its maintenance or repair. Why? Because you own it! You buy a shirt, you own it. The way you wear it and take care of it is how you exercise control over it.
That’s not usually the case if you have a blog, Website, Silent Auction Website or Ecommerce Website. If you have a Webmaster (to be honest, the Webmaster has you), you’ll have to depend on him / her and continue paying for additional services for years to come. If you don’t actually own your Website, you’re on a mercy of strangers and at the risk of losing everything you built, at any time.

We believe that anything you pay money for ought to be YOURS, firmly under your ownership and control. Hence this Website: Own AND Control!

Own And Control because we provide affordable Websites YOU modify and run YOURSELF. No tech skills required. Whether you buy a Blog, Website, Silent Auction or Ecommerce, you’ll be able to modify and run it yourself with access to video tutorials.

We don’t design things (anyone can do that!). We’ll enable YOU to create and take charge of your Website (or a blog, Silent Auction Website or Ecommerce Website), YOURSELF! NO pressure. NO risks. NO hidden charges. NO surprises! NO costly Webmaster! You own. You control. You’re in charge.

And talking about payment, as much as a blog may not be everyone’s cup of tea, Websites, Silent Auctions and Ecommerce Websites are COSTLY! Many an aspiring Internet entrepreneur can’t stomach paying thousands upon thousands of dollars for a shot at Internet income! At Own And Control, we believe that Internet should be an opportunity FOR ALL that’s why our prices are affordable at any budget.

What we do? We install easy to use, high-end technology and provide you with access to video tutorials that show step-by-step how to use it. Anyone capable of watching a video, can design, modify, run and control a Website! You will actually own AND control any blog, Website, Silent Auction Website or Ecommerce Website you buy here!

We provide the technology, access to video tutorials and one year of FREE hosting: you save a lot of money and have a full ownership and control over the blog, or Website, or Silent Auction or Ecommerce Website of your dreams!

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